What is Wafflemat


Wafflemat is a foundation forming system that works by creating a pattern of voids on the underside of concrete foundation slabs that absorbs expanding soil. When concrete is poured over the Waffleboxes, it forms deep beams in two directions that support the structure directly on the soil and creates a very rigid foundation.


Wafflemat provides a very rigid foundation


Note:  Foundations using the Wafflemat system must be designed by a licensed Civil or Structural engineer experienced in the design of concrete foundations on expansive soil, using soil test data provided by a licensed Geotechnical engineer.


About the Waffleboxes

Waffleboxes are 100% recycled plastic boxes over which concrete is poured to form the foundation support beams. They provide an excellent moisture barrier and insulated dead air space under the slab. The voids that are formed by Waffleboxes allow for the increasing volume of expanding soil under the concrete slab, thereby minimizing foundation cracking and movement.